Fusion Care Inn Liability Disclaimer Policies

Fusion Care Inn Disclaimer 2017

The activities and services offered or used at Fusion Care Inn, are strictly intended
for general recreational purposes only and are not meant as a substitute
for professional medical treatment for any health condition, medical or otherwise.

The information cited on this website is not intended for personal or professional
advice and-or diagnosis, and must not be used as such.

Participants/registrants of all Fusion Care Inn services and/or facilities received
or used during active participation in events and other activities offered by
Fusion Care Inn, shall hold harmless and indemnify Fusion Care Inn and all
its holdings, affiliates, representatives, volunteers and suppliers, from and
against any losses, liabilities, and claims arising out of or relating to any activity
and experiences offered by and-or in association with Fusion Care Inn.

Fusion Care Inn Liability Disclaimer Policies | Prices

Fusion Care Inn retreat price rates are not a one price fits all flat rate. Features
such as theme, choice of venue, amount of people attending, type of retreat,
i.e., “current event retreat“, “destination retreat“, or “home away retreat
determines the price rate. Contact the admin of this site for services price
quotes. Retreat package prices are subject to change.

The author(s) and publisher(s) of this site make no representations or warranties
of any kind with respect to the information offered herein.

Fusion Care Inn Liability Disclaimer Policies | Refund Policy

Fusion Care Inn requires at least 48 hours earlier notice should it become
necessary for you to cancel. This way, others can reserve the available seats.
Cancellation under 48 hours will result in a 10% cancellation fee. We will send
your refund balance using the same payment method you used.

Many hours go into the planning and preparation of one of our retreat events.
Please be mindful and arrive on time; Fusion Care Inn retreats and events
begin on time.

Joan A Brown Founder, CEO, Creative Director