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Founder/CEO, Visual Artist Joan A Brown

Hello! I am Joan A Brown Self-Representing Contemporary Artist, and I grew up loving
and appreciating art. Around my ninth or tenth birthday, someone presented me with
a small box of oil paints and I, Joan A Brown Self-Representing Contemporary Artist,
began teaching myself how to paint. I practiced every chance I could, perfecting my
skills in the process. Living among the picturesque environment of Alberta fed my
creative passions directly inspires much of my work, while other pieces are depictions
of my various travels to other parts of the world.

I followed my bliss and tried anything that allowed me to express myself through various
mediums such as drawing, painting landscapes, flower paintings, watercolor and other
similar subjects.

Joan A Brown Self-Representing Contemporary Artist

Painting connects me to a deeper level of myself, as well as to the subjects I create on
canvas. Painting landscapes remains my favourite subject to paint, but I enjoy any
subject that challenges me creatively.

I’m very happy to share some of my creative works with you here on the Artist
Joan A Brown – Eclectic One website. I’m also a commissioned artist as well as
an experienced oil painting instructor. Feel free to contact me if you’re interested
in having a custom painting created for you, or if you’d like to learn how to create
your very own Step-by-step Guided Full Oil Painting Course/Lessons For
Absolute Beginners

Joan A Brown Founder, CEO, Creative Director